Violated by Yahoo! Games while I was sleeping (updated 2011-01-29)

*updated 2012-01-29 About Yahoos response …

Thursday night (26 of jan 2012) I got a mejl, I wrote about it yesterday, in a blogpost. Yesterdays blogpost is mostly about the condition Yahoo wanted to use my pictures (about 800 pic’s) of Stormtrooper.  In short I thought the conditions to say the least were intriguing, and not in my advantage. It said:

(1) You retain ownership of your Photos, however, you grant to Yahoo! Inc. a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license (but not the obligation) to sublicense, use, copy, modify, translate and/or adapt, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display by any means and in any media, your Photos on Yahoo! News and local Yahoo! News sites in other countries.

(2) You represent and warrant that your Photo is an original work taken by you and you own or have the necessary rights to all copyrights or other proprietary rights in your Photos. You also represent that you are over 18 years old.

(3) To the extent that your Photos are displayed on Yahoo! Inc.’s pages, Yahoo! Inc. will provide a link from your Photos to the gallery and associate an alt tag displaying your Flickr screen name in connection with the Photos.

And all Yahoo! Games wanted was for me to reply with a mejl telling them that I approve with capital letters. I choose to not send an reply, because I DON’T AGREE!!! . And I thought that the my lack of my reply would mean that nothing would happen, I believed that Yahoo would respect my Intellectual rights, the Creative Commons license I use on my work.  Mostly I thought they would do that because I’ve read on flickr that:

Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy

Yahoo! respects the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same.

But I was wrong! I share my photos on flickr, with a Creative Commons licensen, an non commercial license. I mostly use BY, NC, SA as my default license. I use Creative Commons because I believe in Creative Commons values.

And I share my work, with others to give others the possibility use my work, but I have drawn a line for Commercial use, then I want to be asked. And Yahoo! Games seamed to have understood that, it seamed that way when they asked for my permission to use my pictures. I didn’t reply. I didn’t give them the rights to use my pictures, to share them, but they did it anyway.

I got raped on my rights, by Yahoo! Games and it happened while I was sleeping.

Update: After I had written this post I mailed Yahoo, and told them that I WILL NOT, WILL NOT accept there terms, and that I wanted them to follow the Creative Commons license I had choosen for my work, I also asked Yahoo to tell there community that I share my work under a creative commons license.

Last night I got a reply that they would take down the pictures, with following message:

Adorable Stormtrooper Photos

Per the author’s request, these images have been taken off, but you can see them on the author’s Flickr stream here:

Yahoo! Games seams to have missed the part of telling there community that they hadn’t followed the conditions under which I share my work Creative Commons, Attribution, non commercial, Share alike.

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  28. Pernilla Rydmark

    I’m very disappointed with Yahoo! They do not respect you for choosing a license, but simply ignores this fact. Your work is fantastic just don’t give up the good work. And keep using CC licenses.

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