Etikettarkiv: tjuvlyssna

Internet är som skapat för att tjuvlyssna…

Jag blev bloggad igår, det händer ibland. Den här gången av Jay Mug. Ett collage av några av mina bilder från 2011. Fint 🙂

Bland kommentarerna står följande jag citerar:

-Why no link to kalexanderson at Flickr – as these are her photos? Or at least mention where they come from?


Sandra Snan
Wait, these were made by Kristina Alexanderson. Why no link?

Sandra Snan
Guess a lot of people (myself included—I even posted a comment (since deleted) asking for prints to buy) thought you made these since Gruber linked to you—I guess you didn’t mean for that to happen. Again the “via” circus of the modern web—“who told me” becomes more important than “who made it”.…

Hm, I don’t like this: Where is the acknowledgement of the original photographer (K Alexanderson)? I think not including that is bad style, to be honest.

Кабель HDMI
You can’t just take a picture from another site and cut off the bottom.

Wait – everyone calling for kalexanderson to be credited…
That flickr link has the following under the photo:
”Found it on Facebook :)”
Shouldn’t we be calling for attribution to the *original* source???

The ”Found it on Facebook” just means that someone else made the collage and posted it. The original photos in the collage are all kalexanderson’s. Flickr s

Wait a minute – these are Kalexanderson’s photos from Flickr – why didn’t you mention that?

Jag tjuvlyssnar, eftersom jag aldrig vet vad som har hänt utan kommer som bäst sent in i bilden. Jag hittade posten genom att bloggaren länkade upp till min fotoström. Tjuvlyssna är spännande, man får en bild av verkligheten då.